The Wizard of Oz

How do you develop creative for a beloved classic musical production of The Wizard of Oz without showing the face of the main character? That was the dilemma Mirvish came to Cosmic to solve. At the time the art was being created, the role of Dorothy was in the process of being cast through the CBC TV’s Over The Rainbow show (Thousands of contestants, 10 hopeful contenders, 1 pair of ruby red slippers). In tandem with the show’s schedule, the flexible campaign we developed began with teaser art with “Dorothy’s” face turned away. The final art revealed the face of the chosen Dorothy. This allowed Mirvish to capitalize on the hype the show generated while putting out traditional forms of promotional materials with creative that was consistent and recognizable from the get go.

Bus Wrap

Billboard Ad

Die-Cut Brochure

Pole Banner

Poster Concepts

Floor Wrap